Got an error while printing a report using ADempiere ERP

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I was navigating our new system using ADempiere 3.4 ERP Solutions when I got this error message, see below. 

I didn’t know how to update my privileges in order for me to print a report. 

Can anyone from this forum who could help me resolve the issue?  Or, is there a work around? 

Please help.

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You cannot create Reports for this Information.

You don’t have the privileges

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Got an error while printing a report using ADempiere ERP


Hi Harpoi,

That error message regarding " You cannot create Reports for this information " will only appear if you do not selected the CAN REPORT option, the User ID  who are using this role and get connected with it will received this kind of  error notifications while making a reports that is why you will not be able to export or generate your reports.  for that  the  availability of the Export Button will not appear.  What you must do is to Open the CAN Report Option. Of course  by default, you must select the CAN Report Option.  You must click the Report button on any windows that has this kind of feature. Then, if selected you will be able to generate or export reports into different formats such as PDF, XLS and etc.

Hope this might help you.


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