Got an error message Csound Command ERROR

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I got an error message “Csound Command ERROR”.

I have updated the sound driver but still shows the same argument.

I really need your help to fix this issue.

Can you provide me solution to fix it?

I would be grateful to you.

Csou Csound error!


Csound error!

Csound Command ERROR: insufficient arguments


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Got an error message Csound Command ERROR

Hi there Carol K Simons,
The error saying 'insufficient arguments' means that you are trying to use uncompleted command to run the application.
It has nothing to do with your sound drivers and that part should be fine.
Unfortunately, you didn't say what command did cause the error so the only advice I can give you about that one is to type $ csound — help in your command prompt. That command will list you all of the available commands and make things clearer to you.
Another thing to do is to check your python version. You should run the latest stable version.
Also, the error sometimes appears when you don't give any arguments to the application.
If you add any kind of input it will work fine.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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