Google, Yahoo and Bing search bar in one website

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Okay, I know it sounds ridiculous but I just wonder, is it possible to have the 3 search bars (Google, Yahoo and Bing) in one website?

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Google, Yahoo and Bing search bar in one website


Hi Julia,

If your question is if it is just possible. then yes it is. For whatever reason why you need this, it is possible, but you would need fair knowledge in HTML.

I'm a Computer Science graduate and did this almost everyday when I was in college as part of our learning in scripting. We can fairly code this using notepad.

If you do, then you are in luck. Let me provide you with a Pseudocode on how to do it. Please note that I would not be posting the exact code but rather, just the Pseudocode on how it can be done. I'll provide 2 Pseudocodes.


  1. First, create an html file as your "Frameset".
  2. This website you made as your Frameset should contain 2 columns.
  3. No changes needed for First Column (Column A); for the second column (Column B), split this into 3 rows by creating another frameset within your original frameset.
  4. For all the 3 rows in Column B, set their default page to all 3 search bars.
  5. For Column A, this would be your Navigation Bar; create 3 links to all 3 search bars. Each link should target different Rows in Column B.
  6. And you're done, all 3 search bars in one website.


  1. Create a standard html file; keep it open as we'll be pasting codes into the body area.
  2. Open all 3 search bars in different windows.
  3. View the source code for each Search Engine.
  4. Copy the codes that create the search bars and the corresponding scripts that target their databases.
  5. Paste them into the standard HTML file you created earlier.
  6. And you're done, all 3 search bars in one website.

Thanks Julia.

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