Google vs. Yahoo, which is better?

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Google and Yahoo are the best search engines. They show a lot of results and solutions to any kind of search or problem. Google has many software like the Android, Input Tools, etc. while Yahoo streams live concerts. Which is the best among Google and Yahoo? Which the mostly used search engine among all?

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Google vs. Yahoo, which is better?

Both are having almost the same features, but according to users 'Google' is much better than 'Yahoo' although yahoo is having some extra benefits like:
Yahoo is established in March 1995 while Google is in September 1998.
Google provides more products than yahoo e.g. Picasa, Google Docs, Google Chrome and Chromebook.
Google provides 15GB free mail while Yahoo provide 1 terabyte space for mails.
Both are free of cost.
Google is no 1 search engine and Yahoo is on 2nd number.
Yahoo provides themes and games, but google lacks both.
After all google is the best and fastest search engine. It also wins the award of best search engine. It always finds the word typically before I finished the sentence.  

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