Google Voice vs. Apple Siri

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Two popular mobile phones are competing each other on voice recognition, but which is better Google Voice or Apple Siri?

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Google Voice vs. Apple Siri



I have understood your problem, and I have a solution for you. This will resolve the problem completely.

I have attached a solution with help of link. You have to visit this link you will follow towards the answer.

Here is the link,

I am sure you have got the points from these pages.

Here the detailed information is given about the both software’s you are trying to get knowledge about them.

As Google is another service, and the apple siri is another service from the software.

Hope so you got the point.

Best of luck for your future.


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Google Voice vs. Apple Siri


Great write up guys. Comparing Apple's Siri experience to Google's Voice battle is like comparing Superman to The Green Lantern or Bentleys to Volkswagens. Google's "bringing a knife to a gun battle" in the combat of software / hardware combination and stylish user experience, pure and simple. Seeing both of your comments, I like both because it could make me feel better today about the difference between Apple's Siri and Google's Voice. Both are almost equal to their power. But as I live outside of the USA, I can’t use Google Voice. So I like Siri because it can be used anywhere in the world. Thanks both of you guys for helping me widen my knowledge and enable me to be acquainted with Google Voice and Siri.

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Google Voice vs. Apple Siri


This is one great service Google offers and I’m not sure if you can compare it with Siri just like what you are asking. Siri is an intelligent voice-activated assistant available in iPhone Smartphone which lets you do tasks easily by simply talking to your handset. Google Voice is different and doesn’t act as a voice-activated assistant.

Google Voice is actually an internet-based service which lets you share one phone number to every one and forward voice calls to several phones. This means that whatever you do or whichever jobs it is you switched to, whether you frequently change jobs, move to different places, or any kinds of things that update your life, you will still have the same phone number for every one to reach you.

It also lets you filter phone calls, block certain phone numbers from calling, and applying certain rules based on the caller. Google Voice is free and will only make charges if you make international calls and also take note that this service is only available in the United States. And getting an account is also not that easy because of limited slots and the only way to get an account is to get an invitation and getting an invitation, you still need to sign up in the waiting list which you can access from Google Voice invitation request.

You may also visit Google Now for the phone application as well as What Is Google Voice for the rest of the information.

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