The Google Smartypins App And Their Features

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What are the tricks and tips to follow for an efficient use of the SmartyPins developed by the Google Company? I would like to have a fully detailed description of this application software from the technical point of view to the lay persons experience with the software. Please help me get answers for these mind bothering thoughts. Thank you.

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The Google Smartypins App And Their Features


Smarty Pins, one of the excellent geographical game by Google which uses the Google Map database. The game is simple, it ask you a trivia question related to specific city or country and you want to just point the red marker over the correct answer.

Players can select from the following topics Science & Geography, Arts and Culture, Entertainment, Sports & Games, and History, and some topical categories such as world cup.

You will be starting with 1000 miles and for correct answer you will get awarded, wrong answer you will be deducted.

Tips for the Game:

1. If you are in doubt play the average and place the marker equidistant from two or three possible answers. It will minimize the potential loss.

2. Don’t worry about the bonus points if you complete it fast because it may lead to a wrong answer.

3. You don’t want to be exact; it’s generally looking for cities not streets.

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