Google releases Google+ New Features

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I'm a new user of google + .

How can I create groups similar to facebook where I can easily send messages to my group of friends?

Google+ new features where users can now access all the categories from the left navigation bar.

How can I filter the contents of each categories that I have selected(like in Sports category, I only want news about football)?


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Google releases Google+ New Features



First of all, to create a group you should follow this steps:

1. On the left navigation bar select : "Circles (or Groups)"

2. Click the first empty circle which contains the text "Click to create a new Circle (or Group)".

3. In the first text box introduce the name of the group and select the persons whom you want to be in that group.

After you're done adding the persons click the button "Create new Circle (or Group)".




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Google releases Google+ New Features


Log in to Google+ account. Click circles on the left navigation bar. You will see some groups already created by Google+. There is an empty circle with the text “Drop here to create a circle. Click there and a new window will appear. Here you can enter new circle (Group) name and also you can add people into this circle.

Click Create button. You have created your new circle.

To filter specific category of sports, on the right side click sports. You will see different sports categories. Choose the one you want, below you will see follow link. Move your mouse cursor on follow link, another link will appear with text create new circle. Click there, name this circle as Football. You will get here sports news related to Football only.



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