Google interview questions answers for IT

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Am planning on working at Google especially in the IT field. Is there any one out there who can provide me with Google interview questions answers for IT.

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Google interview questions answers for IT


Hi Adams,

Here, I am giving five websites list.

They all are very good and you will get your solution from here.

Please follow these.

1. LINK ONE Google Interview Questions & Reviews

2. LINK TWO Answers to Google Interview Questions

3. LINK THREE Google Interview Questions & Reviews in New York City, NY Area

4. LINK FOUR Management Consulting Case Interviews

5. LINK FIVE Want to work at Google? Answer these questions

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Google interview questions answers for IT


Hi Adamswhitley,

 I will help you to take questions and answers about Google interview. I have given below some links which has lots of questions and answers you want.

I can give few questions as examples to guess, how was created them.

1. What is the next number in this sequence:10,9,60,90,70,66….?

A. Spell the numbers out:

  • Ten
  • Nine
  • Sixty
  • Ninety
  • Seventy
  • Sixty-six

There are in ascending order,based on the number of letters in the spelled-out numbers. A correct  response will have nine letters:96,for instance. A clever answer is"one googol".That's the huge number that can be written as a "1" with a hundred zeros after it. Google, the company's name,was originally a misspelling of "Google"

2. You 're in a car with a helium balloon on a string that is tied to the floor. The windows are closed. When you on the gas pedal,what happens to the balloon-does it move forward,move backward,or stay put?

3. A book has N pages, numbered the usual way,from 1 to N. The total number of digits in the page numbers is 1095. How many pages does the book have?

These are some examples for you. Study more and more. Try to guess about answers. Use below links to find more questions and answers.


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