Google Hot word recognition not working

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Hi there,

I have updated my Google Nexus 7  to 4.4  and now my "Ok Google" hot word search has stopped working, I did not change any settings (apart from the update), I have even installed Google Experience Launcher but nothing is working, what could be the problem? How do I get hot word recognition working?

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Google Hot word recognition not working



It is very terrible to say but it’s quite true that I hate Android 4.4 Kit Kat! It’s just full of bugs and turns any phone into a pure hell! Nothing will give you such headache than this Android 4.4!

The only way for you is open is to downgrade your phone. In order to downgrade, follow these steps:

1.       First of all, download Universal ADB Drivers Setup.

For Windows

For Mac

For Linux

2. Unzip the files of the archive into a folder and rename it “android”.

3. Then, open Command Prompt. Navigate to the folder using the following command:

cd /d <the_folder_path>

4. Download the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean image for your Nexus 7. Extract the files inside the “android” folder.

5. Put your Nexus on boot loader mode. Press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power keys simultaneously. Then connect it with your PC.

6. From the Command Prompt, run this command:


7. Once the factory image has been flashed, your Nexus will automatically reboot into Android. This might take a little long time. After this boot, be sure that the right capacity of storage is reported from Settings >> Storage.

If not, do a Factory data reset from Settings >> Backup & reset.

8. Then, put your phone into boot loader mode once again.

9. From your Command Prompt window, run the following command:

fastboot oem lock

10. Then disconnect your phone and reboot. Your Nexus 7 is on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Caution: Use this method at your own risk.

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Google Hot word recognition not working


If you have problems with your phone after updating, try factory resetting from Recovery Mode. With the phone completely off, press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons simultaneously until the logo appears. When the logo appears, release the Power button but continue holding the other keys. When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release all buttons.

To navigate between the options, press the Volume Up/Down buttons. To select or Enter, press the Power button. Now, press Volume Down and go to “wipe data/factory reset” then press the Power button to select. Next, press Volume Down and go to “Yes — delete all user data” then press the Power button to select.

Android will begin clearing your phone’s data so just wait. When it is finished, go to “reboot system now” and press Power. Note: before doing this, backup your phone’s data to the memory card and then remove the memory card and SIM card from the device.

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