Google Hangout and its increasing popularity

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Hello everyone! We all know about Google Hangouts and its ever increasing popularity. My question is that will Google Hangouts new SMS feature just a start towards its journey of becoming a full messaging application? Is it possible that in future Google Hangouts will be much like Whatsapp, Viber or Line etc. I was reading it on the Internet as well that there is a possibility that it will become very much like Whatsapp in future. Is this true?


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Google Hangout and its increasing popularity


Google Hangouts is already a full messaging application. It has a few drawbacks which results in its lagging behind whatsapp.

Few Drawbacks are these

  • Hangouts don't shows who is online from your Phones contact list. This is one drawback which is quite a lag.
  • Hangouts is associated with SIM. If you don't have a SIM, you cannot use Hangouts.

Whatsapp contains no such notable lags when compared to hangouts.

Although Google has equipped hangouts with very good voice calls and video conferencing functionalities which can be a trouble for Whatsapp in the near future.

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