Is Google Glass worth the purchase?

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I have been thinking about purchasing Google glasses but I am torn between getting them and not buying them altogether.  I understand that Google glasses can help you look up stuff, but do they have any implications on your health? Especially the eyes? Is it necessary that I should have WiFi in order to use them? Can you control what you want to Google?

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Is Google Glass worth the purchase?



Yes, they have many implications on your health. The implications on your health can be as follows:

·         Have eye fatigue.

·         May cause visual confusion.

·         May cause binocular rivalry.

·         Can cause visual interference.

·          Can also cause latent misalignment.

·          It may cause brain cancer, after using continuously.

·          Higher risk of brain tumors.

Yes, it is necessary to have internet connection all the time while using it.

No, you cannot control the “Google” with the help of “Google glasses”.


Hope this answer will help you a lot.

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