Google Chrome issue with missing component

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Hi all!

My friend’s favorite browser is Google Chrome. Ever since he got familiar with it, he does not use other browser. It is faster and most of all very easy to use according to him.

So I have decided to install it on my Windows Vista machine. Just when I am so excited to use it, it made me halt for a while as I am seeing an error. This error specifies that there is a Windows missing component called expand.exe. I read on one of the sites that I should look for the expand.exe file and I need to make sure that it is under the directory C:Windowssystem32. Well, it is.  

Now I am lost. What else should I check or do to fix it?

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Google Chrome issue with missing component


Hello Sandy!

Thank you for your question. I will provide you with several answers, hoping they will help you solve the problem.

Let us first begin with a quick overview of expand.exe. It is, by default, located/ found in directory C:Progam FilesCommon Files. Its the size of Windows system is usually 108,648 bytes, though it can also be of other sizes. Expand.exe error can affect your computer in many ways. Your computer may fail to run some programs. You may experience slow PC performance, and lockups of programs. Another problem may be that related programs can fail to launch, it can lead to corrupted registry entries or you may experience program crashes frequently.

Troubleshooting expand.exe error

One likely cause of the error is infected by a virus. This can easily be solved by removing the virus/ viruses. What's more, you can perform a free online scan on your computer to check if it is infected by a virus. Simply do this by following the link

There is a second likely cause of the error. The error can also occur when a dll file has been corrupted, or is missing. Do not worry about what the deal means, what is important is the troubleshooting. In such a case, a system file checker scan (SFC) is recommended. Do this by:


  • Closing all open windows.
  • Go to “ Start”, "All programs", then "Accessories".
  • Then right-click "Command Prompt”. Click "Run as administrator".
  • When you see "Administrator: Command Prompt" window, you should type in "sfc /scannow" (leave out the quotes). Then press Enter.
  • You should then restart your computer after the SFC scan is complete.

For additional information, go to to read more about how to solve problems of missing or corrupted files on Windows Vista using the system file checker. If the above instructions fail, another option is to solve the problem by manually removing the following files and folders:

  • UserProfileStart MenuMalware Destructor. lnk
  • UserProfileStart MenuProgramsMalware DestructorUninstall.lnk
  • UserProfileApplication DataPAV
  • UserProfileApplication Dataantispy.exe
  • UserProfileApplication Datadefender.exe
  • UserProfileApplication Datatmp.exe
  • UserProfileLocal SettingsTempkjkkklklj.bat
  • Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Datamswddb.avdb


Hoping that this will solve the problem. Thank you in advance.


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Google Chrome issue with missing component


Hi Sandy Angles!

I think your computer is infected by some Malware.  Install malware bytes. You can download it here and if the expand.exe gets corrupted:

Check for "expand.exe"

  • Go to the Start menu > Search.
  • Search your computer for the following file: expand.exe
  • If you're able to locate the file on your computer, move it to the following directory: C:Windowssystem32. You can also copy the file from Windows installation CDs/DVDs, if you're unable to find it on your computer.

Once you've copied the file to the directory, try installing Google Chrome again. If you're still having problems, continue to the next steps:

  • Go to the Start menu > Run.
  • Enter the following in the text field: C:
  • Click OK.
  • Create a temporary folder by going to File > New > Folder. Name the folder 'test.'
  • Go back to the Start menu > Run.
  • Enter the following in the text field: cmd.exe
  • Click OK.
  • In the command prompt window that opens, type the following: set TMP=C:test
  • Try installing the browser again by typing the following in the command prompt window: start ChromeSetup.exe

Hope this helps.

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