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Domain Name:

I got an email informing me that the domain of mine has expired. This morning, I again changed it with the message that Google mails me one day ago.

But the email said, I'm in 60 days. At the present, the domain is bought as well as when I attempt to go into my web; it states "error 404".And in blogger's panel, I saw that it states that I don’t have any custom domain.

However,I have each and every one of my Google Apps Panel.

Need to solve this. Please. Thanks a lot.


404. That's an error.

The requested URL/ was not found on the server. That's all we know.

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Google Apps – Looking for Help



The 404 error that you see on your web browser means that the URL you are trying to reach is presently not available. It’s either the page you are trying to open was moved to a different location or got deleted if you are only trying to access a certain page of the website. Or it’s also possible that the server is presently down. Try it again after a couple of hours or maybe during off-peak hours to have a better connection when accessing the site.

If you own the site that you are trying to reach then you have to contact your Web Hosting Service and verify with them the status of your domain and why it is happening right now. They may provide you with important information on how to fix your site’s present problem.

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