Google+ and faceBook what are the differences in them?

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Hi All,

Google+ and Facebook what are the differences in them?

I just got a weird thinking about how different is Google+ and FB?

How are they 2 different from each other.

Which is better?

Can anyone help me with the features that one has and the other does not and also which both have the same?

Thank you in advance.

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Google+ and faceBook what are the differences in them?


Both Google+ and Facebook are social networking sites. Facebook has been in use for quite a long time, while Google+ was established about a year ago. Being a user of both, there are some features that are distinctive to each of them. On Google+ there are circles whereby you add people to specific circles for instance of friends, family. But nowadays Facebook has adopted a similar feature whereby when adding people it asks you to add them to specific categories.

In Google+, uploading pictures is instant while on Facebook it takes quite some time. Other unique features in Google+ include handouts and sparks. But all in all Facebook has a lot people using it compared to Google; an estimated five hundred million users up to date.

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Google+ and faceBook what are the differences in them?


Today, in the Internet age, Google is undeniably huge from its beginning. However, in social services area, Google is unsuccessful to take the social networking field. Facebook is certainly the forerunner in social networking area having more than 750 million users. Facebook has been the emperor in social networking world with almost no contender. But now, Google presented Google+ to contend with Facebook and the battle  for the best in the social networking world has started.



Google+ is comparable to Facebook in terms of interface and functionalities. Some Facebook users say that Google+ replicates Facebook. Google_ has many features that are totally the same with Facebook.

+1 and Like: The Like function in Facebook and +1 in Google is very similar. Uploading pictures on Facebook and Google+ is the same.

Spark and RSS feed: The Spark function in Google+ and the RSS Feeds in Facebook are also the same. They both collect extreme contents from the web.

Uploading Video: Google owns YouTube so its a great advantage for Google+ in sharing YouTube videos.


Circles: Google+ users are permitted to group your friends accordingly, and Facebook doesn't have this feature. Google+ called this as Circle. This will allow the Google+ users to share their status to certain group or with their entire friends. This feature is more secured than Facebook.

Hangouts: Google+ supports video chat. It is possible to make a video chat with your Google+ friends. You can even make multiple video chats simultaneously. This feature is not available in Facebook, but recently, Facebook made a deal with Skype to use the the video chat feature. For most users, Hangout is more appropriate.

Huddle in Google+ v's Group Message in Facebook: Huddle in Google+ will let the user send group messages in their circle. It allows the user to include their circle on a group chat. While on Facebook, you need to create a group in order to send a group message. And it is sometimes annoying since you need to have a group Admin and more. However, the group chats in Google+ and Facebook are the same. You can make live chats with your friends.

Instant Upload of Google+ v's Picture Upload of Facebook: The Google+ Instant Upload is disputed. You cannot view the pictures in an instant even though the name is already uploaded. This feature is similar to Facebook Upload. However, the graphical interface on the upload time is more reliable than the Facebook's picture upload. But the main thing is the privacy. You can share videos in Google+ circle.


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