Give me some basic code about HTML

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Hello Experts,

I am new in the web site designing. I want to learn HTML. Please anyone give me some basic html code thanks him / her advance.

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Give me some basic code about HTML



For your kind information there are many codes in HTML language. You can learn it and use it to make your site. There are some basic codes for you.


There are more code in css.

You can more from following link

Hopefully you will enjoy.


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Give me some basic code about HTML



Good day,
There are hundreds of HTML codes that you can use. You need to have a notebook or something to familiarize with the codes. Below are examples of HTML code that you can use.
<h1> heading </h1> – This is for headings and you can use it upto </h6>
<body> body </body>
<p> paragraph> </p>
<b> – for bold text
<i> – for italics
<address> – can be used for the contact information of the owner of the document.
<dfn> to define a word
<blockquote> – used for quoting a phrase from a different source.
<a> – hyperlink
There are also several websites that you can visit that can help you with the codes. You make click the links below for more codes.
Have fun!
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Give me some basic code about HTML


If you are a beginner in web designing and you want some HTML tags that you can use, here are some HTML5 tags. If you want to create a website today, it should be HTML5 compliant. Also note that there are HTML tags before that are no longer compatible with HTML5.

  • <!–…–> – this HTML5 tag is used to insert a comment in the source code. When you insert a comment, it is not displayed in the browser. To use it, simply replace the “…” with your comment. For example: <!–JavaScript start–>.
  • <!DOCTYPE> – this defines the document type. This is not actually an HTML tag but an instruction to the web browser regarding the HTML version the page is written in. It should be the very first item in your HTML document before the <html> tag. It should appear like this: <!DOCTYPE html>.
  • <a> – this tag is used to define a hyperlink or simply a link. The most important attribute used together with the <a> tag is href. In HTML5, the following attributes are not compatible with <a> tag: charset, coords, name, rev, shape. Example of <a> tag: <a href=””>TechyV</a>.
  • <abbr> – this is used to define an acronym or an abbreviation. For example: <abbr title=”World Wide Web Consortium”>W3C</abbr>.

The following HTML tags are not supported in HTML5: <acronym>, <applet>, <basefont>, <big>, <center>, <dir>, <font>, <frame>, <frameset>, and more.

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