GIMP cannot open png files due incompatibility

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Can anyone tell me please how to set up my GIMP to accept a .png format in Windows ? I tried everything I know to make the proper settings and I did some searches on the Internet and nothing seems like to work. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? How can I solve this one ?

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GIMP Message

Saving ‘C:Documents and SettingsArthurDesktopuntitled 10.png’ failed:

Error while saving ‘C:Documents and SettingsArthurDesktopuntitled 10.png’ could not save image.

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GIMP cannot open png files due incompatibility



I need to know whether your PNG file has layers. If there are no layers, that means the file has been created by Firework and will only open in Fireworks.

Ask the designer to change it to .XCF format. You can also do that by opening your image in fireworks and save it as .XCF.

Otherwise, you can try converting it in any other format because GIMP won't open a PNG without layers.


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