Getting started with sky map wave 2 application.

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Getting started with sky map wave 2 application

Can anyone explain?

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Getting started with sky map wave 2 application.


dear Daimz_steph,

SkyMap is an innovative app that uses your smartphone's accelerometer, gps/data plan to first locate your position and then it draws the entire 360 degree layout of the sky according to your position. (basically the universe, from where you stand) Whether it is day or night, this app works just the same.

As you move your phone around like you would as if viewing through the phone's camera, it "looks" around the sky layout and you can see all the constellations and stars at their exact (accurate) locations in the sky. It is a great application to show off too, if you like doing that

It also provides a search feature, so you can just look up any of the stars or constellations and it will pinpoint you at its exact location in the sky at the spot you are standing. It will point with arrows on the screen until you locate it on your phone's screen (as if you were viewing the sky through your camera)


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