Getting rid of Virus attacks

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My problem has to do with virus attack in my PC and I want your advice regarding how to get rid of those. I suspect it’s a sort of redirect virus and the problems started probably a few weeks ago. I will start with searching troubles I faced while using internet. Clicking on the search links I can sometimes find the correct pages but often the opposite happens. Very often search links ends up in ‘not available’ page. But I find the accurate site If I cut and past the link from the address bar into the search bar.

At times I identify fake sites and promptly go back to the previous page. As I re-try to enter the page, I can browse it. I am not sure whether I have succeeded to describe my problem but I am trying my best. My current operating system is Windows XP. For troubleshooting, I used AVG, Hitman, Malware Bytes and Kaspersky, but all went in vain. In addition to the prior problem, I get two error messages (attached to the post) when my Windows initiates.

I can’t find any connection between the messages. The viruses are giving me enough trouble and I need your help badly. Do I need to provide you with more information?


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Getting rid of Virus attacks


A virus can be so hard to be removed when you wait until your computer has been infected and that is when you install an antivirus or other applications like malwarebytes to try and remove the virus. You need to have an antivirus on your computer all the time, whether it is infected by a virus or not, just to make sure that your PC is kept safe. As a workaround to your problem I will suggest that you do the following:

  • Try running the system restore utility and take back the system to a state before you started experiencing those problems with your browser.
  • In case system restore ends being unsuccessful in removing the virus from your computer then you will just need to format the computer and install the operating afresh.

After formatting the computer, make sure that you first install an antivirus before you start using it online, and make sure that you keep the antivirus up to date all the time.

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Getting rid of Virus attacks


Since your PC is infected with viruses/malware, you can’t install anti-virus program, because those viruses will probably corrupt installation of anti-virus program. If you are having some AVP installed, first uninstall it.

First thing, you need to clean your computer. Best solution is to download Kaspersky Anti-virus Removal Tool from this location.

Note that if your browser cannot open this webpage, viruses are blocking access to it, so you will have to download it on another computer and burn to CD, and then execute it on your PC. After you scan your entire system (choose disinfect or delete each time Tool ask you what to do when spot virus), you are safe to install new anti-virus program.

There are several free options to download anti-virus software (for personal use). I prefer Avast free antivirus, but you can also check AVG free or Avira anti-virus.

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