Getting rid of old CDs, file converter needed

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I want to get rid of all my old CDs. They are just taking up too much space. How do I convert them to files readable on my external hard drive like .avi files? Can that be done? Would I need some new software or can it be done with free software?

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Getting rid of old CDs, file converter needed


Ripper software are very much available and capable of conversion from CD format to mp3 or from audio format or from VCD format to any format such as .wma, .avi, .mp3 or even .wmv.

For conversion of audio CD to mp3:

  1. In case iTunes is installed in your computer, open iTunes and navigate to Go to Edit and choose Preferences (Windows), iTunes and select Preferences (Mac).
  2. Next, move to the option Advanced and click on the option Importing.
  3. Modify “Import using” to “MP3 Encoder”.
  4. To apply these changes, click on Ok.
  5. To start conversion, place a music CD into your PC/laptop. Next move to iTunes and just click on the CD icon. This should be one which you had put into PC/laptop/If you left click, you should be able to find the same easily. Now on the option ‘Import CD’ select and click.Wait for a few minutes for everything to be finished converting.

Another suggestion would to use free downloadable software such as FreeRip – Which is capable of reading audio no from CDs. They can also allow one to save them to PC/laptop in different formats as needed.

For VCDs or videos/movies – One can make use of VCD ripper software such as Apex. It is capable of converting VCD movies to  other formats like MPEG, DivX and AVI.

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