Getting mysql show create table on more then one table?

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I have to get the output for mysql show create table and write it to one file for each table that I have. How would I do this? Im guessing  stored procedures would help in some way?

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Getting mysql show create table on more then one table?


Hello Richard,

As I understand you want to write the output of each create table statement in a separate file.

There are several ways of doing it –

  1. You can use a stored procedure or any programming language like PHP, Java and execute some commands.

    2. Loop on the output of above command, extract table name in each iteration and execute SHOW CREATE TABLE <TABLE-NAME>, write each statement in a separate file.
  2. Execute from command line mysqldump command (For each dumped table, a tbl_name.sql file be created.)

    1. mysqldump -u [username] -p -T[/path/to/directory] [database] –no-create-db –no-data
    2. Replace [username] with the MySQL username
    3. [/path/to/directory] with the path to the directory where data will exported to.
    4. [database] the name of the database from which all tables will be exported.

I would suggest trying second option as its quicker and easier.



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