Getting to know more about Mac Antivirus Software

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Is it really true that Mac viruses are on the rise?

Would it possibly post a great threat to Mac users?

What Mac Antivirus would be considered the best one available in the market?

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Getting to know more about Mac Antivirus Software


Cindy Schauman,


The Mac operating system has been popular for a long time that they are least attacked by PC malware. This is very much true. But the fact now is that they are attacked directly by Mac malware. This is already alerted evident in past that Apple Mac users are going to face increased threat from viruses.

But Apple had mentioned with over confidence in the past that Windows machines are more prone to getting virus attacks than Macs. But now, as per reports on the web, more than half-million Macintosh computers may have been infected with a virus which particularly targeted on Apple machines. Some of the Mac viruses are listed as below:

The first Mac worm infected iChat in 2006 infecting iChat message window and thereby applications recently used.

incoming file transfer

OSX – DNSChanger, OSX – RSPlug and OSX – Jahlav were Zlob Trojans spread through infected Porn users with Rootkits during 2007 – 2009. These worms appeared in the form of video codecs that are needed to watch porn videos changed DNS settings and redirected the traffic to malicious sites.

install porn4mac

Mac Scareware OSX – MacSweeper found in 2008 by F-secure a rogue cleaning tool. It acted as the original Mac Sweeper and prompted the user to pay to get the problems fixed. 

MacSweeper found in 2008 by F-secure a rogue cleaning tool

OSX – Kowri was included as the free package in the pirated versions of Adobe Photoshop and iWork 2009 for Mac. It connected the systems to remote servers without the knowledge of the others and waited to accept commands from a remote control center managed by intruders. Another intruder came into the picture in 2010 in pirated versions of iPhoto. Both the spyware's opened backdoor for the intruders allowing to access the systems without using a password.

OSX - Kowri was included as free package in the pirated versions of Adobe Photoshop and iWork 2009 for Mac

OSX – OpinionSpy which is related to Windows spyware from 2008 was discovered by Intego researchers. The spyware pretended as a marketing survey wizard and prompted for credentials during installation. Once the user provided the details, OpinionSpy will unauthorized access IM conversations, browsing history, emails addresses, usernames and passwords, and back account details.

OSX - OpinionSpy which is related to Windows spyware from 2008 was discovered by Intego researchers

Another rogue software called as OSX – MacDefender was discovered by the researchers accompanied by the discovery of other malware called as OSX – MacProtector and OSX – Mac Security. MacDefender attaches itself to launch menu in the system and It attacked and attacked and infected the Google image search results.

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Intego discovered OSX – Flashback malware in September 2011. Enters into the system using Java vulnerabilities when clicked on infected link. It will access user credentials i. e. Usernames and passwords, and bank account data. The intruders released the first version of it as a package in a malicious Adobe Flash installed. The latest version is found as a software update prompt. 

virtual PC on your Apple Mac or windows

One more door open for virus attack is that if the user is running a virtual PC on your Apple Mac or windows, it can be infected with windows viruses. Further the Apple Mac can serve just as a virus carrier i. e. The virus is located on the platform, but do not poison it. But if that infected system and other systems are on the same network or a poisoned email is forwarded, then it would attack windows system too.

Currently available antivirus programs for Mac:

1. Kaspersky.

2. McAfee.

3. Network Associates.

4. RAV.

5. Sophos.

6. Symantec (Norton).

Users with a mix of PCs, Macs, and mobile devices can get cross-platform protection with Norton One and McAfee All Access. 

Thus there is a hike in the Mac virus population threatening the Mac users. Hence it became mandated for Mac users to use some antivirus as mentioned above.

Charle Faru

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Getting to know more about Mac Antivirus Software


Hi Cindy Schauman

There is another Techyv post which one will be also helpful for you. Pay a visit that page and get more informaion.

What is the best Anti virus for Mac?

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Getting to know more about Mac Antivirus Software


The Mac operating system or OS X is normally considered to be safe and secure and there are several reasons why they consider Macs to be more secure than PCs that run on Microsoft Windows. One of the reasons is the idea that Mac users have far smaller market share than Windows. This is quite true that’s why virus programmers are less likely to target Mac users.

Another reason is the fact that OS X is a UNIX-based operating system and UNIX offers several built-in security features. Also, Apple included several security measures in the operating system that make attacking OS X quite challenging.

On the other hand, in late February 2014, a security flaw was discovered allowing an attacker to intercept the data if you are using your Mac on an unprotected Wi-Fi network or hotspot such as in an internet café.

Though Apple has its own security research team, they also have an incentive programme that rewards any users or independent researchers that reports any flaws they find in any Apple products. The reward payment is up to $200,000 depending on the seriousness of the discovered flaw. For less critical flaws, the bounty drops to as low as $25,000.

Though there have been several virus attacks, OS X is still more secure than Microsoft Windows. But just like any other operating systems, antivirus programs support OS X so that Mac users are also protected not just Microsoft Windows. If you’re on a Mac and you want to add security, try ESET for Mac.

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