Getting to know Ad Manager Plus 5

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Hi. I heard about Ad Manager Plus 5 during a discussion in class. As I was curious of what this is, I searched about it on the Internet and came across its manual. As I was reading the introduction, it says about managing the "Active Directory". Okay, it is something not familiar for me so if you could please comment below what this Ad Manager is in layman's term for me to easily grasp the correct definition of it. Thanks!

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Getting to know Ad Manager Plus 5


Hello Hog,

Its a web based active directory management software. 
It has features like- provisioning & re-provisioning, active directory, manage active directory user, active directory reports and many more.
For AD Manager Plus Help Document please check the link
Here you will find every thing related to AD Manager.
Hope this will help you.
Thank you.
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Getting to know Ad Manager Plus 5


Hi Grayramirez Hog,

I have tried to simplify the solution for you. Hope it helps you.

Ad Manager Plus is a simple and very easy to handle Windows Active Directory Management and Reporting Solution that actually help all the AD Administrators and Help Desk Technical Engineers in their day to day activities.Since it has a very reasonable and centralized web user interface it is capable to handle a number of complex work like Bulk Management of User Accounts, assigns role based access to Helpdesk Technicians and generates a wonderful list of complex AD reports based on all possibilities and reasoning. These reports are the best thing to handle the compliance audits. This particular tool also helps in getting a lot of AD mobile applications that helps to perform very important tasks regarding user management functions right from the mobile devices.

Solutions provided by AD Manager Plus

  • Eliminates monotonous, repetitive and very complex tasks in regards to AD management
  • Automates the reporting system of AD Management
  • A great help in creation, deletion and modification of AD object is bulk
  • Efficient in the mobile application by helping performing the user management task
  • A very important Resource for Compliance Audit.

Features offered by AD Manager Plus

  • Mobile application
  • Bulk User management
  • Help desk assignment
  • AD reports
  • Single user management
  • Computer management

It supports windows 32 bit and 64 bit.

For more knowledge you can refer this link Active Directory Manager Plus

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