Getting errors after upgrading jMP‘s svn

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Hi Guys!

After upgrading jMP‘s svn I get the below messages. The green rectangular shape is the first mistake that appeared.

Then I get spammed with plenty of information (in red rectangle).

Lastly clicking OK on the top red rectangular shape mistake window I get the red rectangular shape looking messages showing an error again.

I would like to ask a request to help me if it's possible. It will be much appreciated.


Error opening openGL window! Error:NullPointerExcption:null,Error(Not responding) Error opening OpenGL window!

Error:Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,IDE Main],

Error(Not responding)

Error opening OpenGL window!Error:java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:com.jme3.Definelist.set(Ljava/lang/String:Lcom/jme3/shader/


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Getting errors after upgrading jMP‘s svn


Hello Catherine,

Follow below checks/steps to work around the problem:

1. Ensure you have latest drivers for the graphics card.

2. Undock the scene viewer and close it. Refer to below sequence.

  • Delete the installation and reinstall.
  • Immediately after re-install right click the tab for scene viewer and click undock.

3. In some scenario below may work as well.

  • Find the JMP folder. Usually it would be @ "/AppData/Roaming/.jmonkeyplatform".
  • Browse to "/dev/modules".
  • Rename the ones that were modified post update (since you faced issue post update).
  • JMP will now launch and update missing modules.



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