Getting an Error in SAS OLAP

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Hello there,

I have a SAS 9.2 OLAP installed on my Windows XP computer. I have an OLAP cube containing sales data of all sales agents in our company including me. When I was trying to access my user id, I get stuck into this error message.

The application encountered an error verifying the following statement:



{[Dim SalesPerson].[All Sales People].[SUB::SAS.Userid]}

I had no problem using this user id before. Is it possible that I saw this error message because my user id is no longer valid in our company database? Has anyone had the same trouble using SAS 9.2 OLAP?

How will I know if the syntax error is due to the placeholder or the rest of the MDX?

Any help would be appreciated!


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Getting an Error in SAS OLAP



Is the SAS 9.2 installed correctly on your Windows XP computer? If not please reinstall it properly because SAS 9.2 is a server type business enterprise wherein business companies use this tool for data management and computing.

In SAS there are 3 components RXMON, MXPMON and Ntsmfr, Ntsmfj, Ntsmfread. These 3 functions differently, the RXMON is concerned mainly on collecting performances of the data within the system.

The MXPMON gathers more important data in the system. The Ntsmfr, Ntsmfj, Ntsmfread is concerned with the reading and storing of log files in the system.

One of your questions involved in error logging into the system apparently maybe one of these three do not function well due to some corruption done in installing the application. It is highly required that you may reinstall the application. Below are the guides on installing the application go to this link:


SAS 9.2 OLAP Server: User Guide

Installation and Configuration of SAS OLAP Server

SAS 9.2 OLAP Server: Procedure

Hope it solves the problem you encountered. For technical support go to this link: Link

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