Getting an error message while I load my Mozilla Firefox.

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My Firefox browser does not work. It displays a message on the screen when I try to start it that the server could not be found.

This always happen even when there is enough bundle to browse.

I need someone to explain how I will go about solving this problem.


Server not found

Firefox cant find the server at

• Check the address by typing errors such as instead of
• if you are unable to load any pages, check your computers network connection.
• lf your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to
access the Web.

Try Again

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Getting an error message while I load my Mozilla Firefox.


In case Firefox having problem, but not other browsers, Check:

1. Connection settings:
Do you have correct Connection Settings for Firefox? To make sure that you have correct settings please follow these steps:
1) See Internet Explorer’s Connection Settings, in case it is working:
I. Go to Control Panel.
II. Select Internet Options.
III. See Connections.
IV. Click LAN.
2) Now Change Firefox’s Connection Settings according to Internet Explorer’s:
I. In Firefox, go to Tools.
II. Click Options.
III. Now go to Advanced Tab.
IV. Select Network Tab and Click Settings.
V. Configure Connection Settings as you saw in Internet Explorer, you can manually configure also the best option is to Auto Detect proxy settings for this network).


2. Work Offline Setting:
When you install Firefox and there is no network connection at the moment of installation, Firefox may use offline mode automatically, If Work Offline is checked, then uncheck it.


3. Firewalls:
Make sure that your firewall program is configured to allow internet access to Firefox/Mozilla.
Hope this all Helps.

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