Getting Access Violation error in “Undelete 360”

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Hi, I accidently deleted some of my important data from my drive. Now I had to recover it back. I surfed internet a lot for searching good software for recovering my deleted data. I got one i.e. “Undelete 360”. After this I installed it successfully and when I tried to open the application the following error occurred.

“Access violation at address 005EAAF6 in module ‘undelete-360.exe’.

Read of address 000003B1.

I reinstalled it, but the same occurs. Please someone tell me what shall I do now.

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Getting Access Violation error in “Undelete 360”


Hi Albert,

The error you are getting occurs when an application tries to use a portion of memory [RAM] that was being used by another process or one that the application has no valid access to.

Sometimes,programs try to use memory reserved for the operating system and this causes the application to crash. The problem is more likely to occur with programs that use  Data Execution Prevention (DEP) which is designed to use both hardware and software to minimize the threat of malicious code such as viruses being able to execute from memory locations tagged as data.


-Download and install all the latest Microsoft Updates.
-Do a complete virus scan and malware scan to eliminate any problems that are being caused by viruses.
-Download and install any patches or free updates for that  application.
-Run a good REGISTRY CLEANER  to fix any invalid entries.

This should fix the access violation not only for this application but also for others.

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