IBM Tapes drive error: Media Not Found

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I am running a small company, which i have some few windows 2000 IBM server. I am using the server from the passed one year. Regularly i am taking backup of this server myself with the help of IBM tapes drive connected to the server.

Suddenly when i restarted the server yesterday to take the backup with the help of windows NT tools, i am getting tapes drive connected error and media not found.

I restarted the server again and again but i am getting the same error till now. Now again when i try it's showing the IBM device name inside the device manager list as red color. Can you rectify the issue and get back to me.

Thank you.

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IBM Tapes drive error: Media Not Found



The error you are getting might be the device is not connected properly or the device driver need to be reinstalled. When you looked back of the tapes drive you will see the SCSI port, it may be three to four port. Remove the cable connected to previous port and put to another port.

While connecting with the port check properly the power cable and the SCSI pin correctly. Above to the port you will get and red or yellow color signal  when you connected .If the color of the signal is yellow then it's fine or if it shows red then it is not connected properly.

Once it's done with the connection start your server and take the remote sessions. Go to windows device manager and right click on the particular IBM device name and click to uninstall the driver and go for the update the driver.

It will take next step where your IBM device driver location, choose the correct driver location and start installed the driver. Once done it will displayed device driver installation successfully completed.

Sometime we need to start the server when we installed or upgrade any new software so that current installation get effect the system.

Once the installation is done check the IBM tape device in the device manager, it shouldn't be in red color or yellow color. Once the connected tape driver is in blue or black without any error then you can proceed with your backup. It means tape driver is working fine .check above step and try installing your device driver.

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