Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem

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Hi Guys/Gals,

I get this message all of a sudden without any reason. What I mean is it pops up no matter which application i might be using and never stops popping up. Repeats every 1 hour or so.

Anyone has seen this issue and what's the solution.

Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If anyone has gone through this issue will surely know the pain.

Thanks in advance all.

Generic Host Process for Win32 Service.

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you were in the middle of something. The information you were working on might be lost.

Please tell Microsoft about this problem.

We have created an error report that you can send to help us improve Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. We will treat this report as confidential and anonymous.

To see what data this error report contains, click here.

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Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem


Mr. Mahendra the problem that you faced with your computer is really a frustrating one because it once happened to me when I was doing some important stuffs on my computer. Then from that day onwards I started to research on this issue since this trouble never allowed me to work at all and I found some possible causes for this generic error.

So I am going to list out the causes that I found and the ways that this problem can be fixed .Your Computer problem may be because of any one of the reasons mentioned below.

This Problem Could be because of Conflict between HP Software and Operating System. Probably if you have an HP Printer or a scanner or any external device where you would have installed the HP Software to support it. Most of the time this brings the problem in.

Disabling Windows Acquisition in Windows XP will resolve this issue.

Downloading a Security Update for Windows would do.

Virus is the deadly one that could do anything in our computer so there are some space for them to create this trouble.

May be Recently Downloaded files or incomplete Updates.

The last but not Least we need to look upon the operating system files.

Since these are the most Frequent problems that cause this error. Let's go ahead step by step to fix the problem. Actually as I said before I had the same problem where the problem got finally fixed by the HP Software issue.

Hoping positive lets start with HP Software Configuring. The Troubleshooting 1 is applicable only if you have any Printer or scanner software installed to support any of the Peripherals. Especially HP Software that support printer or scanner. Else Skip to Troubleshooting No:2

Troubleshooting No 1:

Turn Off the Computer and printer or Scanner (If you have Both Then Turn of Both).

Disconnect the Printer and Scanner from the computer.

Restart the Computer leaving the Printer and Scanner being disconnected from the Computer.

If you have the Software Driver Installation disk for Printer or Scanner kindly use that to install the Driver that Supports the peripheral. If you Don't have a Disk that has the Software drivers kindly visit the manufacturer website and key in the Model Number of the printer or the scanner that you have and try to download the Software driver. And Install it on your Computer.

In between the Installation at an instance it may ask you to connect the Scanner or printer that you have to complete the installation. So kindly Follow the Instruction that been Displayed in the Installation window. Make sure you know the Model Number of your Printer or scanner.

Once you are done with the Installation. Reboot your Computer.

Then Check Out whether you have the same problem. If Yes Follow towards the Trouble Shooting No:2

This Does not mean that only HP Printers or scanner driver causes this problem. Try out this step if you have a printer or scanner. If not directly go to Troubleshooting No:2

Troubleshooting No:2

Disabling Windows Acquisition.

From Desktop kindly Click on Start > Control Panel. Once the Control panel is Open,Double Click on Administrative Tools.

When the Administrative Tools Window is open kindly click on Services Icon. Then You need to Double Click on Windows Image Acquisition Icon.

Once you do that the windows acquisition Properties will get opened. There Click on "General Tab".

Now Click the Drop Down Arrow on the start up Type box and there select "Disabled".

When you are done with that click on "Stop". You may notice a window got opened with a message stating the service is being Found.

When The message is close. Kindly verify whether Service status Display Stopped. Then Click on "Apply" and Finally click on "Close".

Repeat the Above Mentioned Step if the Service is not stopped.

If these Steps have not solved the problem Kindly Move on to Troubleshooting No:3

Troubleshooting No:3

When this Generic Error Message comes soon after the computer is started. And additionally when you try to install the windows update it gives another error message stating(svchost.exe error).

Normally these steps are recommended for the above mentioned symptoms.

Kindly Click on "Start" > "Run ". Inside a Run type in as net stop wuauserv.

Now Double Click on My Computer and Delete the Drive :Wu Temp Folder. (If Found).Note(Drive:Means The Drive path Where OS is Installed.)

Again Click on "Start">Run. And type in net stop cryptsvc.

Delete the Drive :Windows System 32catroot Folder.

Open the Drive:Windows Folder, and then rename the software distribution folder as SoftwareDistributionOld

Open the Drive:Windows System 32 Folder and rename the following as said below

Rename the Wuweb.dll as Wuweb.dll.old

Rename Wuapi.dll file as Wuapi.dll.old

Rename Wuauclt.exe file as Wuauclt.exe.old

Rename Wuaucpl.cpl file as Wuaucpl.cpl.old

Rename Wuaueng1.dll file as Wuaueng1.dll.old

Rename Wuaueng.dll file as wuaueng.dll.old

Rename Wuauserv.dll file as Wuauserv.dll.old

Rename the Wucltui.dll file as Wucltui.dll.old

Rename Wups2.dll file as Wups2.dll.old

Rename Wups.dll file as Wups.dll.old

Note:The "Drive :" Mentioned on Line 1,2,4 Means the Drive path where the Operating system is installed.

Once when you are sure that you are done with this. Kindly restart the Computer. (Kindly Do all the above mentioned steps if you are an Advanced User of Computer). Else Please not try to modify where single mistake may have chances to crash the Operating system.

If you are a good time user then go ahead and try the above steps. That would surely fix the problem.

IF still the problem persist.

Try to Download and install the latest Windows Update make sure that includes Security updates also. The updates will be available at this page.

If Still There just go ahead and try to run a complete Scan on your Computer using the Anti Virus Software. And heal all vulnerabilities found.

The last go to solve the problem is taking a data back up and just go ahead and try to repair The Operating System. Or if you wish to make a clear install.

Why I suggest this is if the problem raised because of improper installation that done recently or an interrupted download or update. For these problems you may say System Restore would do but I think that OS Repair or OS Reinstallation would be the perfect solution.

Hope the Problem Will be solved before the OS Reinstallation step since these causes Host this Generic error problem.

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Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem


Generic host process for Win32 services is a process which acts as a host of other processes running from DLLs. Microsoft says that Generic host process for win32 services is more commonly known as SVCHOST.EXE that performs various Windows Functions.

There are several reasons why this error message always occurred. There are cases that the Internet Explorer has encountered an error and it crashes and then you will receive this error message or it can cause by a virus or a malware. 

And there are also several solutions that you can try to resolve this issue. Some resolutions may work on your computer but others may not work on them. These are the following resolutions that you can try in order to fix this error message.


Run a Virus Scan. As I have said in my previous statement that this Generic host process error may cause by a virus or a malware. Try to use these virus removal tools that I personally recommended to check for any infections and to eliminate them as well.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: 

Vipre Rescue Scanner: 

Safety Scanner from Microsoft: 


If this error is an Internet browser related issue I may recommend you to reset the Internet Protocol Configuration to its default settings.

Click on Run and type in “cmd”.

On the Command Prompt type in “netsh int IP reset” and then press enter.

Then type in “netsh Winsock reset” and then press enter.

Close Command Prompt.

Restart the computer.


Try to do the Windows Manual Update:

Click on the Start button.

Right Click on My Computer.

Click on Properties and then Click on Automatic Updates tab.

Select “Turn Off Automatic Updates”.

Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Click on the Start button again and then All Programs and go to “Windows Update” (Note: Your computer must be connected to the internet.)

Click on “Check for Updates”.

After doing the manual update you need to turn the Automatic Updates back on.

Doing a manual Windows Update will check if there are any available updates for your Operating System that will not be installed automatically.


Download this Windows Updates on your computer.

Update KB894391:

Update KB921883: 


Changing some value in Registry Editor.

Click on the Start button.

Click on Run and type in “regedit”.

Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> Services >> Browser >> Parameters.

Look for IsDomainMaster and double left click on it.

Change the Value Data to False.

Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Follow these steps and your problem will be gone. 100% proven solutions.

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