Geforce 210 Overclock, a total flop for me.

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I have VA1912 LED Monitor(19 inch) by Viewsonic and I'm using Geforce 210 as the display output unit. I have overclocked it to 600MHz and when I change the screen resolution to 1154*864 in games then I only get around 40% of the game screen. If I store the clock settings to normal, the problem disappears. I want to run games properly by overclocking my GPU. Any suggestions???

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Geforce 210 Overclock, a total flop for me.

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You can try overclocking the GPU. First the laptop should have a dedicated graphics card that is eligible for overclocking.
There are different tools to overclock the GPU. Using software solutions is  possible if overclocking is not prevented by the manufacturer. Here, you can mostly use a the same tools used to overclock a desktop graphics card (the varieties from AMD & NVIDIA are better).
By using the tool, adjust the three clocks: core clock, shader clock & memory clock separately. Now, it is possible to change the clock speeds. But be careful not to raise the bars high since it can be risky to the system. Test for the stability in clock increases. Then once again check if the changes are effective.

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