Gaming site issue can anyone help

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This online gaming platform I frequently visit recently stops functioning whenever I open it.

Eventually, I found that if I keep another browser window with another page from this site running, it will sort of solve the problem.

I would like to ask if this is an issue for the site owner to resolve?

If you have any information about this so that I can better understand and use the proper web browsing application to play the games without it being terminated mid-game?

Deleting the application and putting it in the system again is the last absolute resort.

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Gaming site issue can anyone help


The probable causes are:

  • There may be a virus in your computer.
  • Your graphics card didn’t meet the requirements for that game.
  • You did not have the necessary web components (i.e. flash) installed in your computer.
  • You didn’t configure the game settings for online gaming.
  • All the necessary programs are not downloaded and installed properly.

My suggestions are:

  • Get a fresh Antivirus Software and update. Install it and scan the whole PC.
  • Collect the game requirement and read it thoroughly. Check that what requirement is missing to run the game properly and installed it on your PC.
  • Change or update your computer’s graphics card. Today’s online game requires good quality graphics card.
  • Check all the necessary ID, Password & settings are installed on your game settings options.
  • Sometimes when we download and install an online game, some files get corrupted. Download the game and install a fresh copy.



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