Game Website Log In Error

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I have my own game website, but I am a bit annoyed because, when I log in, a fatal error occurs: "undefined index: do" File: C:Users-GuestDesktopUniServerwwwlogin.php. I do not know why it happened like this, and I do not know what to do; can someone fix it for me, so that I can log in again at ? Please help me fix this problem. Thank you.

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Game Website Log In Error


Hallo TechyGurl,

That is so nice, I mean you having your own gaming website. But it seems like you have not hosted the website on the internet yet. You are still using the localhost settings to run the website, right? You need to host your website online so that you can access the sites like mediafire and others for downloading and so forth.

There are many free web hosting services that you can use if you are not yet ready to have a premium hosting account that requires you to pay some monthly fees. You just need to Google for free web hosts and you will get a variety to choose from.

Hope this helps you TechyGurl.


Mahesh Babu

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