Game Disconnection When Map Changes on the Server

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Every time that the map changes on the server, an error appears. When this happens the game disconnects from the server right away. There is no problem with reconnecting to the server. However, it greatly affects the user's focus and the game itself. The game is installed on a Mac OSX.

Attached is the screenshot of the error I got. The name of the map on the screenshot is just an example. If there is someone who can help me with this problem then that would be great.

Thank you!


Couldn't CRC map maps/gg_simpsons_mega.bsp,    

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Game Disconnection When Map Changes on the Server


It would be more helpful if you also provide the name of the game where this problem started. I am also a game addict once and the only game that I played where the server can change the map used for all the players currently playing is Counter-Strike. But we never experienced this problem whenever the map is changed from the server. In Counter-Strike, if the map was changed from the server while the game is on-going, all players’ activities on the screen will stop and will then transfer automatically to the newly selected map and starts the round again. The problem you are experiencing never happens on this game.

It would help in determining the root of the problem by checking your game’s system requirements. It’s possible that the version you have is not compatible with your operating system even though it’s playable on your system. You should also consider uninstalling the game then check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. Then after the disk check, install the game again. You should also look for possible game patches in the game’s website if there is available.

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