Galaxy Tablet Keeps Crashing When Playing Games

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My Samsung Galaxy tablet crashes after playing games a few times. What is the cause of game applications crashing on Samsung Galaxy tablets? What is causing this frequent crashing to occur? How can this crashing phenomenon be rectified or resolved? Does it mean that there is a problem with the memory?

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Galaxy Tablet Keeps Crashing When Playing Games


If your Samsung Galaxy tablet crashes from time to time after playing games, it can be caused by several reasons. If your tablet runs different apps in the background or you didn’t close an app properly before playing a game, it adds to the memory load and processing of the tablet that can affect the game you are playing.

You don’t run a phone cleaner to remove all the junk files on your device to free up some space in the memory as well as boost the performance of the device. Or probably the game is not compatible with the operating system. Before playing a game on your tablet, check the battery first because games greatly drain the battery.

If you have a low battery, try charging it first before playing your favorite game. If you frequently open apps, make sure you check that the application exited totally. I’ve encountered Android apps that remain in the memory even after it was exited. To make sure all previous apps were closed and don’t stay in the memory, check the task manager.

If an app is still running, close it and then you can start playing. Updating your operating system should also help. Check for the latest Android version that is compatible with your device. To remove all the junk files as well as temporary files and boost the performance of your device, download and install Clean Master [Speed Booster].

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