FUTA Tax Error (calculation check of the payroll)

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Hello I am working with FUTA software for the calculation check of the payroll and at the time of calculating payroll there is an occurrence of the error message so I am in a dilemma whether for the employee input is data or else information is entering and the error is FUTA base must be greater than 1.


FUTA Tax 2011
Error Line 3: 2011 FUTA base must be greater than 1
Kindly provide the solution for this problem. 

Thank You.

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FUTA Tax Error (calculation check of the payroll)


Good day Cathy,

FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax)

In your case, FUTA should not be consign as a withholding because, employees do not pay a share of FUTA, as of the time of this writing (Feb 2011). In some reason, since tax laws from time to time change it is obtainable as a withholding for possible future use only.

  • You only have to do to solve the issue, just go to the Employee Withholdings screen > and then, you must click on FUTA to select it > click “Delete. ”

Note: If this may not solve the problem, contact the customer support for FUTA.

I hope this information helps,

Mark Amna

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