Functions and services provided by the OS

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Please guide me…

Which are the two types of functions and services provided by the operating system and how do they differ from each other?

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Functions and services provided by the OS


Hi Renfread,

Operating Systems has more than hundreds of functions not just only 2. It's main function is manages your hardware including RAM, Processor, Motherboard, Harddisk, Monitor etc. You can't operate your computer without an Operating Systems no matter how good/fast your hardware. Second is the software application that is attached to Operating Systems example: Microsoft Excel, Word, CAD and etc., this are the software that needs an Operating System to run it's application. in order to learn more on this processes although it will took time, try to understand computer Application Program Interface (API) to learn more on the computer process.


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Functions and services provided by the OS


Yes, I also believe that an operating system has many functions not just 2. That’s very limited if it’s only 2. Like in Microsoft Windows, this operating system can give you lots of functions and services. If you don’t have anything to do and you want to relax, you can insert your favorite movie like a DVD for example and watch it on your computer.

Of course, when watching a DVD video disc, your computer needs to be installed with a DVD drive either DVD-ROM or a DVD writer. If you don’t want to watch a movie, you can play on your computer with your favorite PC game. There are 2 types of games you can put on your computer, an offline and an online type, both of which needs to be installed.

Offline games are the ones you play without requiring any internet connection. You play by yourself beating enemies and finishing missions. Offline types can also be played with other players via local area network but it depends on the game if it supports multiplayer. The online type requires an internet connection.

It won’t work if your computer doesn’t have an internet connection because majority of the resources will be fetched from the server and it is usually multiplayer type. Besides playing video games, you can also use it to help you in your studies. If you are a student, you can install a Microsoft Office package so you can create documents for school when needed.

If you have a business, you can use Microsoft Office suites in doing the inventory so you can manage your remaining stocks, the items sold, the in and out cash flow, and so on.

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