Functionality of a noteBook vs. a netbook

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In terms of functionality and cost effectiveness, which would be the most advisable device to use, would it be a netbook or a notebook?

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Functionality of a noteBook vs. a netbook


In terms of functionality the Notebook is greater.

Not only has that it offers very good specs and more computer power, the display is considerably larger than that of the Netbook.

The only downside to the Notebook is that it’s larger, the battery will last less than the Netbook, and it costs more.

The netbook is very good for finding information’s, searching the web, Facebook and other easy stuff like this. It’s lighter, the display is smaller, but the battery can last up to 3-4 hours which is a large plus.

And the biggest advantage is that is cheaper, but my opinion is that Notebook is for work and Netbook just for fun or other easy stuff.

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Functionality of a noteBook vs. a netbook


I would like to  present the contrasting features of Notebook, Netbook and Tablet.

I have also included Tablet, because it should also be considered while comparison.

The comparison has been presented in tabular form for a providing a better assessment and judgment.

SL No.




Tablet PC


Purpose(likelihood of doing this activity the most)

Browsing the Web: checking and replying to mails

Everything that can be done in a desktop computer.

Reading a lot and viewing mail, social networking sites, scanning, reading news etc.


Portability of Gadget

Weight is less than three pounds, and hence can be carried easily and placed anywhere.

The monitor size is just 7 to 10 inch. No DVD-ROM, but has usb ports.

Weigh more than Netbook, starting from five pounds, but it can be easily carried between places. It should be put mostly on a desk. The monitor size is 10 to 17 inch. Both DVD-ROM and usb ports supported.

Light enough to carry in hand and may be used while sitting or lying down.

The monitor size ranges mostly from 7 to 10 inches.


Installation of several softwares and applications on it.

Sluggish with heavy applications and games.  It is preferred only for basics-word processing, browsing, mailing etc.

Quite a few can be installed. Frequent installation of extra applications can be avoided.

Works fine with installations of dozens of applications (games,RSS readers, Facebook apps.). This is the best if you want applications for everything, try new ones and update them.


The user requires a lot of typing on the device.

The keypad is small; therefore typing only for e-mails and notes is comfortable.

It has sturdy keyboard and can be used endlessly.

 Comfortable for people who are mostly in the ‘view’ mode. It is not for those who do much typing; the key pad is much smaller.


If it is the user’s only computer?

No, but it will be carried around the most. Best suited for a person who moves around too much.

Yes, For those who do like to keep multiple devices.

Not at all. The user has another Computer(s). Tablet just keeps the user connected on the move.


Whether the Work revolves around applications that need a high processing power, such as video, image editing and high definition games?

No, the user is to use it only to check mails, browse the Web and for word processing.

Yes, the user can do these hardy jobs quite often. Notebook is for those who need processing muscle in his computer.

May be used to edit a few images sometimes but may be rarely used for video editing.


Connection to other devices- projector, printer,


May be used for a few, but not many.

Everything be it TV, music system, printer etc may be connected.

This is preferred as standalone device.



Shoestring budget of only USD 250 to USD 400.

For the user who want the latest version of Windows or Mac OS, as it the user’s main computer and hence a great performance is required. All these comes for a higher price tag, may range from USD 500 to more than USD 1500.

The user requirement is comfort with any software that gives him speed with mail and social networks. Price tag between 200 USD and may be more than 1000 USD.



Netbook is for those who need a device that is easy to use and relatively light in terms of price and weight. Netbooks are leaner, and better suited to web-based usages. Less power drain, so netbooks have a longer battery life, lasting up to twelve hours without a charge. It is basically a smaller, more portable avatar of desktop.

Notebook is for those who need all the processing power and versatility of a desktop. It is for those who are content creator. It has more tech muscle and therefore requires more human muscle (to carry) and electric muscle (to power).

If weight (the lighter the better) and looks matter, and the budget can be stretched, the user may go for an Ultrabook.

Tablet is for those who want device that is lightweight, easy to use, always connected and mainly used for consuming information rather than creating it.


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