Full system backup with linux?

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I'm using Linux and i want to do a full system backup. How do I do a full-system backup of my Linux box?

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Full system backup with linux?


Hello Olivia,

I have read your concern Linux Backup Data. As you’ve said, you wanted to backup all data and information from your Linux operating system and you want to know how to do this. Is it right?

If you are really interested in doing so, kindly follow these steps carefuly for you not to encounter future problems.

First, locate “SOFTWARE RESOURCES” on the Ubuntu repositories. There you will see packages and install one: it is “sbackup.” After the installation process, you can now start backing-up data. You may locate “sbackup” at “SYSTEM” à“ADMINISTRATION” à“SIMPLE BACKUP CONFIG”

Next thing to do is to start the back-up process. You start by rebooting your system. From there, at start up, a window will be opened for you. Under the “GENERAL” tab, there are two options for you to choose from. If you are not yet used to do this, you can choose the recommended type which is the “USE CUSTOM BACKUP SETTINGS” but if you are good enough for this, simply select “MANUAL BACKUPS ONLY” for this will enable you to manually backup files according to your need. Then proceed to the next step until finished.

I hope I am in the right track of understanding your concern and give you a hand to fix the problem. I hope this information is of good help.

Good Luck!



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Full system backup with linux?


If you are looking for a backup solution that can perform a full system backup for your Linux computer, try one of the following backup solutions:

fwbackups – according to TechRepublic’s Jack Wallen, fwbackups is definitely the easiest backup solution for Linux. It is cross-platform with user-friendly GUI. It can perform single backup tasks as well as recurring scheduled backups. It supports doing backups either locally or remotely in .tar, tar.gz, tar.bZ, or rsync format. The application allows you to do a full system backup or backup a single file only.

To speedup the process, you can do differential or incremental backups.

Bacula – powerful backup solution for Linux and one of the few open-source backup solutions that is enterprise ready. This application is not the easiest backup solution to use and configure but it is one of the most powerful tool. It includes a number of components:

  • Director – the application that supervises the entire Bacula.
  • Console – used to communicate with the Bacula Director.
  • File – the application installed on the computer to be backed up.
  • Storage – the program that performs the reading and writing on your storage device.
  • Catalog – the application responsible for the databases used.
  • Monitor – the application that allows the administrator to monitor the status of the different Bacula tools.

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