FTP Publishing Error (failed to create remote directory)

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I recently designed and published a website (delucado.colostate.edu), and it is loading perfectly. After a few days, I decided to implement changes in the homepage browser title and the file name title. After republishing the website, I have noticed that question marks loaded in place of the images.

Noting this error, I went through the files to check if they were in order, and there seemed to be no problem with them. However, I have been receiving the error "Failed to create remote directory" ever since I made the changes ( a screenshot of the problem is available below).

I tried to upgrade to RW5.0.2 to see whether this would solve the problem, but it didn't help at all. I have also updated all the third party plug-ins, but none of my solutions seem to be working. Whenever I do a check on the credentials, all sites come out successfully.

Can someone help me out with this problem?

FTP Publishing Error

Failed to create remote directory 'page8/page9/DeLucaLab.html'

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FTP Publishing Error (failed to create remote directory)




Mostly this sort of problem does not occur but the problem you are discussing is that your ftp publisher is not working properly. This sort of problem does not happen so the best solution is

You must ask your domain provider and hosting provider about this situation because every hosting site and every domain site is different so no one can provide you a better solution. Hope they will sort your problem.

If this problem does not solve by them or you are not able to contact your service provider then you need to check your ftp settings. In ftp manager go inside the ftp manager you will see a tab with the name setting of ftp manager. Check from there you will get out the solution.

But the below solution is not best because this is according to my site and domain and where is your ftp manager setting I don't know so firstly you should contact with your service provider then next step before doing anything.

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