Friendster friend list error in opening

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Hello guys!

I need help with my friendster account settings. I tried to view my friend list but every time I try to view it. I get this error:


An unknown error has occurred.

My Friends

Your friends list may be inaccurately displayed. 

Please be assured your friends list will be accurate soon – Friendster Team


I tried to log off and on, but no matter what I do whenever I try to access my friend list I get that error.

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Friendster friend list error in opening


Hello Robert James,

You were facing problems with your FRIENDSTER'S Friend list that is because the website was eventually infiltrated. Due to which lots of users had to face many problems like the one you are facing. The Friendster team has already started to work on it and is still looking for the bugs that have disturbed their system.

Hope your problem gets fixed by the time you read this one.



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Friendster friend list error in opening



You are facing this kind of problem because number 1, your friend's Friendster account may not be existing, or is deactivated. Number 2, Friendster admin maybe conducting a system maintenance, during that time it takes two days, before the site gets back to its full function, that is why you cannot use the site properly. When doing system maintenance, they maybe are updating, eliminating problems, improving some features in the site that is why Friendster users are encountering some errors, such as this. It also happen to I lost friends, but then when I checked back their back. So, do not worry, you will not lose your friends.

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