Frequent disconnection of Internet link

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I have a question. My internet link disconnects frequently, anybody have any supportive tips?

Please give me a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Frequent disconnection of Internet link


Frequent disconnects could be the result of myriad of issues such as:

  • Idle Disconnect :
  • Call Waiting : If call waiting has been enabled and somebody calls when you are online, you may be disconnected. A simple fix to this is to set your line to disable call waiting anytime you are online. Choose your operating system for instructions to check your Dial-up Settings.
  • Email "Hang up when finished" :
  • Line Noise :
  • Drives / Firmware :
  • Modem Settings : To check

    1. Click on the Start Button, select Settings, and Control Panel.
    2. In the Control Panel, Open the system icon.
    3. Click the Device Manager tab, and click the plus (+) symbol next to Modem to display the installed modems on your computer
    4. Right click the name of your modem and select Properties
    5. At the bottom of the window you will see a Maximum Speed (or Port Speed) setting, which by default is set to 115200 on most systems. Try setting this to 57600.
  • Hardware Problems :
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Frequent disconnection of Internet link


I think this already happens to me but only once during those days when I was still exploring websites using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. This problem actually happens because of a conflict in the system. The poor performance of the network has nothing to do with the sudden and repeating disconnection of the network. Check first if you are using a 3G or 4G mobile broadband USB dongle. If this is true then check if the modem’s dashboard is installed properly.

This is important because if the dashboard is not properly installed then the modem’s driver may also not be installed properly because the driver is installed automatically together with the dashboard. Since there is no way of checking the correctness of the files’ installation, you should reinstall it. This will also uninstall the modem’s driver. Uninstall the dashboard then browse to “C:Program Files”. Check if the modem’s folder is still there. Simply delete it if you still find it there. Restart your computer and then install the USB dongle again.

Try connecting to the internet to check if the connection still disconnects. If it still does, the last option is to update your modem’s firmware. This is what I did with my wireless broadband USB modem and also because the network suggests it. The firmware update is usually available and provided by the network you are using.

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