Free, reliable software that will allow to monitor the employees’ activities

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In our company, there are four employees and my boss functions as the administrator. He asked me to find free, reliable software that will allow him to monitor the employees’ activities and to prevent them from executing certain actions and tasks.

I have tried searching through Yahoo! forums and the people told me to use Mac Keylogger. 

Mac Keylogger may be good but it is not free.

How do I get free software which will serve my boss's requirement as mentioned above? 

Your suggestion would be appreciated. 

I’m looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

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Free, reliable software that will allow to monitor the employees’ activities


Hi Jaeniesha,

There is no free software monitoring employee program you can easily download to the internet. It seems you need a customize software for that  kind of requirement. What  i can recommend is just simply monitor theme randomly by using software programs that are free to download on the internet. Most of the companies nowadays had a software like that ,especially call centers which they can monitor you time to time.

To be productive, big companies purchase this kind of software, but it is customize to meet it's individual specification unlike on the internet which is just a simple. I understand you find ways how to prevent this idle time or which the worker is not active doing not essential task.

The solution is to download this software which commonly used be SME. The program is called LOG ME IN, try to install it on your PC individually in order to monitor your employee's activity remotely. Try to familiarize what feature does it have on their free ware. You can download this without a charge and it is much better to upgrade to premium want a fast access, more security and more features the minimum charge are low.

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