Frayed USB connector keeps on disconnecting in the port

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I have an android phone that I just bought last year, say at least 8 months ago. I am annoyed with my USB connectors because it is partially peeled in the near connector of the “Male-type” part connector. If I will be able to position my Android phone properly, it will connect to my laptop and desktop. It is annoying that I will move the phone, it will disconnect and the files I am downloading will stop. This happens to me multiple times. How can resolve this? Can you show me to resolve this problem?

Thank you!

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Frayed USB connector keeps on disconnecting in the port


Hi Stephen,

Well even I had the same kind of issue with my android phone and you won’t believe how many USB ports that I had to purchase to get rid of this issue.

To begin with the USB “Male-Type” Part connector is always the trouble maker, however as time progress the part tends to worn out or have loose connections due to the quality of wiring.

Now I got around this by ordering a brand new original USB cable for my specific android phone for example Samsung, Nokia Lumia Etc directly from the Authorised showroom or if it is within warranty get it replaced from the authorised service centre which will put an end to this misery.


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Frayed USB connector keeps on disconnecting in the port


I don’t see any best solution for your problem than to buy a new USB cable for your Android Smartphone. If you continue using your damaged USB cable, you will always experience sudden disconnections. If you are using your phone as a modem on your PC and you are downloading something from the internet, you might end up with a damaged file in case the phone suddenly disconnects because of the cable.

MicroUSB 2.0 cables are cheap since they are only a piece of cable. The damaged USB cable will also prevent you from updating your phone’s operating system. It is possible to download the phone’s update file on your computer but you still need a USB cable to transfer it to your handset. Consider purchasing a new USB 2.0 microUSB cable to avoid damaging your device.

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