Foxpro Insecure startup Item disabled.

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Hi Techyv followers, My problem here is about Foxpro, just a while ago when I am about to start the application, it fails to run due to an error, the error message goes like Insecure startup Item disabled,  please see below the error message I pasted to get more idea on my problem.

Insecure startup Item disabled.

“/Library/StartupItems/Adobe VersionCue “has not

been started because it does not have the proper

security settings.

This error message I encountered is very complicated to understand, I can not refer to anybody here because I am working alone with this application, I already tried to restart my computer and do some virus scan with my computer, but it seems it did not give any help, please share some views on my problem, thanks in advance, I hope to hear from you soon.

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Foxpro Insecure startup Item disabled.


Briefly, these files ( vfp*.dll ) deal with automation. Automation is just a way to automatically control one application from within another application.


A lightweight run-time library. It is used for in-process servers commands. In-process is a fancy word for being able to execute in the same address space as the client (parent process) application. Just remember that in-process servers need a parent process. Communication between in-process servers and a parent is fast because passing data within the same process is easier. Normally this guy is used for apartment threading and for machines with multiple processors. Each processor can simultaneously execute code for different objects.


1) In-process Automation server (.dll) files
2) Out-of-process Automation server (.exe) files (distributed)

The executable (EXE) component runs in a separate process from that of the client application. Communication between client and server is slower because there is overhead when you pass data across process boundaries. Think of how Microsoft Office applications call functions from each other.


This is your English language module. It is used for shipping all English (US) applications.


Msvcr71.dll and gdiplus.dll files are part of separate merge modules, but are included automatically because of their dependency with the Visual FoxPro 9.0 Runtime libraries. Gdiplus.dll is only installed on platforms prior to Windows 2000 (for example, Windows 98).

There may be another problem:

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