Formula not giving the required result

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I have been trying out a formula on Excel and I cannot seem to get the required result. I have worked out in a different place twice and I get a different answer to the one I get on excel. Here is the formula:

For A1 4900 and A2 4900,
=(A1*2+A2)/450+IF(A1>4800,6,IF(A1>2400,4,IF(A1>0,2,0+(IF(A2>4800,6,IF(A2>2400,4,IF(A2> 0,2,0)))))))

I believe the answer should be 44.6667 but I get 38.6667 using this formula. Can I get the formula to work as desired?

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Formula not giving the required result

Hi Tyrone,
The formula will give the expected results when the mathematical calculation is done separately for cells A1 and A2. We have to compute one output based on the value in cell A1 and then do a separate calculation for value of cell A2. The formula is as follows:

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