Formatting of Hard Disk and Installation of Antivirus Software

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What Antivirus is best suitable for my Desktop Computer and what simple steps can I follow to format my Hard Disk? After starting my computer (when the desktop shows up), it runs very slow and freezes at most times. I suspect these happenings caused by the activities of virus. I did defragment the hard disk of my desktop computer but to no avail. However, I also don’t think the sluggishness of the machine has the anything to do with the speed of the CPU or RAM size.

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Formatting of Hard Disk and Installation of Antivirus Software



There are many causes that your system might become slow. The problem could be because of virus, junk files and for hardware issue, too.

First, try some good PC cleaner like CCleaner, Wise Care 365 etc. They are good utilities to make your system boost up.

If that doesn’t solve your issue, you should try to reformat your entire HDD. To do so, you can use DBAN that will erase your entire HDD. Learn how to use DBAN.

Then, it’s time to install your OS. Learn how to install Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD etc. Then, port your data from the backup to the complete new system.

In the fresh system, it’s time to install a super antivirus program that will give the perfect security. You can get Kaspersky, Norton, AVG, Avira etc. antiviruses as they work quite great. Don’t forget to scan your backed up files for any viruses.

Now, you’re 99% safe. There are still chances of getting viruses in your PC as they’re becoming more and more advanced now a days.

If you have got RAM less than 2GB, it's highly recommended to extend it to 4GB. Processor of at least 3GHz is recommended.

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