Font is too Small in Firefox Web Browser

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I used to enjoy Internet Explorer for web browsing. But transformed into a regular Firefox user for last couple of months. I have found Firefox very useful and user friendly interface especially I love the add-ons option. But I am facing a little problem and can’t find any solution.

Suddenly the font size of the web site turns much smaller then before. I have no idea how it happened. I have tried to get back the old font size by re-installing the software again and installing new fonts but nothing has changed.

Do you have any idea to rectify this problem?

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Font is too Small in Firefox Web Browser


Hello Klein,

The Problem you are facing is not very tough. It can be solved in a moment. Start the Firefox then go to any site. First see if the fonts are smaller.  If Yes then hold the 'CTRL' key in the keyboard and rotate the mouse wheel up and down. If you want to enlarge the fonts then rotate the mouse wheel in upward direction and if you want the fonts to be smaller size then pull the wheel towards the lower side. Hope this could solve your problem.


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Font is too Small in Firefox Web Browser

Hi Klein,
Just to set your expectations, you have the option to choose or modify the font size on your browser. To have the font changed, please follow the steps below:
  1. Please open your Firefox browser
  2. Please click on the View tab
  3. Please go to Text size
  4. You can choose either increase or decrease. It depends on the font size your are comfortable with.
You can also use your keyboard to change your browser font. Just press and hold CTRL +  to increase or CTRL – to decrease the font size.
Have a good day ahead.

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