Flickering vertical green stripes on TFT monitor

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I think there is some common problems with Fujistu TFT-LCD displays. I had a friend with a model that always displayed GREENNISH videos and picture.

I bought a new 19’’ inch Fujitsu-Siemens ScaleoView L22W-7SD TFT-LCD monitor.

It works fine but the problem is that some hues are covered with flickering vertical green stripes.

Watching movies or viewing pictures in this display is quite annoying; there is a lot of green shade on the graphics.

I have tried to change the resolutions and contrasts in the monitor settings.  

I also changed the video setting hoping to get a better graphic display which i never achieved.

I have tried using Bandridge DVI cable and analog cables for the monitor but nothing changes, the problem still remains unsolved.

I carried out a little bit of research from the Fujistu main site and found out that the drivers for this type of TFT model does not exist. It is a plug and play monitor.

Maybe this information can be important;

Graphics card: nVidia 6600GT, DVI connector. Latest stable drivers.

Monitor: 22 inch Fujitsu-Siemens ScaleoView L22W-7SD TFT display.

I am running on Windows XP Service Pack 3 OS.

I will appreciate any help / suggestions or  ideas.

Have a great day everyone!


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Flickering vertical green stripes on TFT monitor


Ok what I am telling you may solve your problem, but it is not granted as it looks like inner problem in the monitor and I don’t want to discuss it here only I will tell you some basic things to solve this problem.

You have already check the cable now check the connectors of you PC and monitor and make them clean with a brush if possible. 

Keep your monitor out of the range from electromagnetic devices such that don’t put it with your TV of with a magnetic inside device.The VGA card may be causing this problem so you have to check it also, and update drivers if necessary.

Take you computer to another PC and check where it works fine or as on the same routine.

 If the problem still remains go to some electronics shop.

Steafen hood.


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Flickering vertical green stripes on TFT monitor


Hi Daniel,

  • There are two devices that may have caused your problem.
  • The monitor and the video card;
  • Do a simple test before doing anything like buying a replacement for the defective hardware.
  • Here’s how you do it.
  • Used another PC and connect your monitor to that PC, and also used the monitor of the PC you used and connect your PC to it. Now observe what happen.
  •  If your monitor is still having the problem even you connect it to a different PC, and your PC is working fine using different monitor, then the problem is in your monitor.
  •  But if your monitor is fine using a different PC and your PC is not working in different monitor, and then the problem is on your video card.

Hope this can help,

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