Fixes For YouTube 500 Internal Error Listed

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I am looking for fixes for the YouTube internal error 500. I can’t open the website and whenever I try to do so, I get the error message and some joke that a group of monkeys has been dispatched to fix it. Guys please help.

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Fixes For YouTube 500 Internal Error Listed


Here are the possible methods that might fix the error-

  1. First and the simple one is to just try reloading the website as the error might be temporary and might get fixed easily
  2. Clear the cache of the browser you are using by going into settings
  3. Try deleting the web browser’s cookies

One of the above methods will definitely solve the problem if the error is from your side else the problem to be fixed is out of your hand.

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Fixes For YouTube 500 Internal Error Listed


That is a server-side error and you can’t do anything about it. It’s up to the webmaster to fix the problem. Though it is a server-side error, you can still do something to troubleshoot the problem in case the error is originating from your end. First thing to do when you encounter “500 Internal Server Error” is to refresh the page.

This applies to all websites where you may encounter this error. Press F5 to refresh the page normally or CTRL + F5 to do a force refresh. Doing a normal refresh or page reloading with the F5 is simply reloading the page from the cache. When you do a force refresh, you are reloading the page directly from the website by downloading the page again.

If this did not work, try clearing your browser’s cache. Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL to bring up the browser’s clear cache dialog and then select the options to empty the browser’s cache and browsing history. You can also clear the cookies but this will log you out from any active accounts. Also, try visiting the website using a different web browser.

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