Fix up virus problem without formatting.

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I have a desktop computer which is connected to my workplace server. I have problems with my free McAfee Antivirus.
After some moment it continuously find some virus on my PC and shows me a message on my screen.
I feel bored to see these messages and I notice in my C drive (which is my windows drive) the disk space is decreased rapidly.
I can’t figure it out. I can’t format the drive now with Windows.
But I need a solution to keep this problem out.
Help me please!
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Fix up virus problem without formatting.


Dear Jakie,

The problem you’re facing is virus. It’s a big problem to most of the computer users. I know I have also faced this type of problem.

Sometimes it gets really tough to find out which one is the best solution for our computers to keep them protected from virus. Well I’m suggesting you some possible solutions to keep computer free from virus.

As you said you don’t want to format “C Drive” or give a setup then the best solution is to uninstall all unnecessary software’s that are installed in your computer. For that go to:

Start > Control Panel > Add or remove software. Uninstall all unnecessary or heavy size soft wares.

Make sure the software is deleted from your “C Drive” or you can delete the file from the program file manually.

Use “C Cleaner” Software for your System drive or “C drive”.

I would like to suggest to uninstall the McAfee Antivirus and use the best Antivirus software to keep your computer protected against virus threats. I know you may face difficulties regarding choosing the best Antivirus software. Well I’m giving you the features of some of the best Antivirus software.

At present the ranking of 3 best Antivirus software goes like this:

BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

Webroot AntiVirus 2011

I would like to suggest you to use BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 for your PC security solution

Well at present BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 and Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 are the most trustworthy Antivirus on net and they are fighting a lot for your attention.

BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 Fractures and Protection process: 

  1. Protects from a number of viruses, spyware, phishing scams, and more on.
  2. Covers you from every angle, protecting from threats on the internet, email, etc.
  3. The program scans all web, IM, and email traffic for Malware.
  4. Encrypt your IM chat conversations.
  5. Ability to configure a home network.
  6. Successfully detecting, blocking, removing, Malware infections.
  7. Doesn’t hamper internet speed and it optimizes operations and maintains maximum speed.
  8. The Search Advisor which provides protection while surfing online.
  9. The Active Virus Control will lock all the Malware coming in your way.
  10. The secure gamer mode that turns off any interruptions.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 Fractures and Protection process: 

  1. Designed to protect from angles, threats from internet and email spyware.
  2. Effectively detect, prevent and remove all sorts of Malware.
  3. Protect from traditional viruses, as well as new threats.
  4. Backup and Rescue Disk facility.
  5. URL Advisor for safely surfing.
  6. Set preference’s.
  7. iChecker and iSwift build to scan technologies.
  8. Virtual keyboard and gamer mode.
  9. The System Watcher, which monitors and logs application activity and behavior. If something suspicious is detected, the software stops the process and informs the user.
  10. It can also delete Malware created in the process.

WebRoot Antivirus 2011 Fractures and Protection process: 

  1. Spy Sweeper protecting from threats, finding Malware from several sources.
  2. Many layers of protection keeping away all sorts of worms, Trojans, Malware, and rootkits.
  3. Removes malicious files.
  4. Protected from intruders & thieves.
  5. 13 protective shields covering networks.
  6. Email shield protects from unwanted emails.
  7. Capable of protecting from 100% of known virus.
  8. Designed to run smoothly.
  9. Color-coded them.
  10. Try not to use a pen-drive or USB port without scanning the device. Sometimes it so happens that when a autorun pop-up occurs in front of us, we without scanning it enter into the pen drive. As a result the computer gets virus affected.

Try to give a Windows Setup frequently. And after setup without giving the computer internet connection create a restore point for your computer. It would keep a “Restore Date” and will help you to get back to the position after the setup of the computer.

For that go to Programs > System Restore, to make a restore point.

Try not to visit those sites that cause virus to attack your computer and enable the “LINK FILTER” in your Antivirus software. (Most of the software provides this service). The Link Filter will help you to detect which site is GOOD Ranking and which one is BAD ranking. So it would be helpful for you.

Try to format each of your drive. I know it’s really tough since many important documents of yours are kept inside the drive. So I would suggest you take them to a portable drive or pen drive then format the drive and after that bring back your files from pen drive or portable drive after scanning them.

Some basic tips are given below:

  1. Put the show hidden file option enabled to detect the hidden file and delete them.
  2. Update your Antivirus regularly.
  3. Install a software after knowing that whether it is virus affected or not.
  4. Use the license version of OS etc.

Hope my suggestions will help you solving problem.

Thank you.

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Fix up virus problem without formatting.


My advice is, use Norton Antivirus for full scan performance.

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