Fix 400 Bad Request Error Message Manually

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Hello everyone, I was surfing my internet when I got a 400 bad request error message. Every time I am trying to access a website my system is displaying this message. Is this the problem of browser or the page? Kindly help me with this problem.

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Fix 400 Bad Request Error Message Manually


Troubleshooting tips

1. Check the URL you entered should be correct, try the suggested URL.

2. Remove all the cookies and caches. Some sites read the wrong cookie which causes the error.

3. If the error occurs while uploading any file chances are that the file is too large. Try to upload a small file.

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Fix 400 Bad Request Error Message Manually


The “400 Bad Request” error you see on your browser when you visit a website is an HTTP response status code and also a client error response code which indicates that a server was unable to process the request sent by the client or your browser because of invalid syntax.

This error is only one of the many potential HTTP response codes you may receive when accessing a web application. The error is frequently caused by pasting or entering an incorrect URL in the browser’s address bar. Another possible cause is if you are sending a file that is too big for the server to accept and process.

It can also be caused if the client is using an invalid or expired local cookie. Since this error is a client error response code, it is best to start troubleshooting right with your browser. Since the common cause is an incorrect URL, make sure the URL you entered in the address bar is correct. If you verify that the URL is correct, try clearing your browser’s cookies.

If you are uploading a file to a server, try uploading a smaller file. If the application you are using requires user authentication, try logging out of your account on your browser then log in back. See if this works.

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